Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Starting of a New Trend

Hey Everyone!
This is a new thing for me, but I want to share my life with you, and let you be a part of my process. Currently, I'm in Kansas City, doing an internship on intercessory prayer, and worship. It is amazing, and is completely changing me, and my views on who God is to me. I am doing the Fire in the Night Internship, in which I am taking classes on knowing God better, and praying for about 6 hours a night, which is different, but definitely not as hard as it sounds!
Through my blog, I am going to share what I am learning, and as much as possible, I want you to be a part, so feel free to comment. Also, I am accepting prayer requests for any and everything. I have learned that God loves to answer prayer, and all we have to do is ask with a sincere heart. Also, if you would like to give and support me while I'm here (it doesn't have to be much like 5, 10, 20, 25, 43, 50, 300,whatever you feel on your heart, if you feel it on your heart)feel free! I will be setting up a paypal account and posting my address if you would like to partner with me by credit card or check. And its tax deductable; holla! Most importantly, I want you to read, learn, comment, be a part, pray, and send me those prayer requests!
Be blessed and enjoy the process!


  1. so that's the real reason you're in the middle of no where...why didn't you tell me worries...i'm happy for you. i know someone else that is in ihop.