Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I haven't forgotten about you! Well maybe neglected you, but with really good reason: I have been crazy busy experiencing God in a new way that is changing my heart. Like I had written before, I am really learning how much God loves me, and actually delights over me. How I don't feel like I am perfect, or sometimes like I will ever be perfect, but God says that He has made me perfectly and He still loves me. Wow. Who am I to not love myself, when God says that he loves me?!

Anyway, I have been busy. Track 1 ended a couple days ago, and it sent me in a whirlwind. In addition to the class schedule where I am learning these amazing truths, I am in some crazy-amazing services that are huge displays of God's power. Not only do I feel awesome, because I am not ashamed of who he made me to be (a strong, confident, loved, loving, blessed, talented, handsome, humorous, spontaneous... you get the point... man) I have truly seen miracles. I was healed in my right ear of hearing loss, and have seen awesome things happen to others. I saw this lady's tumors fall off, saw a friend's leg grow out, saw a back straighten out, and gold dust cover this lady's hands! Seriously! it was awesome! I'm also singing alot on a worship team. it's awesome! (http://www.ihop.org/ go the prayer room, look at archives and look at Brandon Lautzenheiser"s team) This week I have started track 2, which has all of the same, but includes inner city and children's' services, and it rocks. We are really putting hands and feet to God's work to bless and encourage other people's lives.

I am learning how much God wants to answer our prayers, if we would just come to him and let him! All we have to do is come to him and let him know what's on our mind. Not gonna lie, being in the prayer room for a while is hard, but when you think about the creator of the universe listening to you, it makes it easier, especially after learning what's in the first paragraph.

So, blog, sorry I haven't written, but I am learning and experiencing so much, I knew you would understand. Also, don't forget about my mom's foundation, Leading Scholars Scholarship foundation, which you can give with a credit or debit card to scholarfoundation@yahoo.com on www.paypal.com if you would like to give a tax-deductible donation. And I would love to pray for you, so tell all of your readers to send me those prayer requests! blessings



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